Saturday, October 17, 2009

You are failed because you give up

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In this world, there is no failure. If today you are failed, this is mainly because you are actually give up on the things you doing. Just imagine that you back to those days that you learn how to drive a bicycle during your kid's time. How many times are you fall down on the learning process? I am very sure that you fall down many times, right? If today you know how to drive a bicycle, this is because you never GIVE UP during the learning process regardless how many times you fall down. But if today you still don't know how to drive a bicycle, I am very sure that it is because you GIVE UP during the learning process.No pain, no gain. The more obstacles you solve, you'll be more SUCCESS in your life.

In our life, we always face problems. We also like to make complaints on the things that around us as well. But, we never complaint ourselves. We like to put all blames on our environment, company, boss, parents, friends, and etc. Therefore, this stupid behavior cause 98% of people in this world encounter failure. They are failed because this stupid behavior cause them give up on the things they doing whenever they face problems or obstacles. What happened to the rest of 2% peoples? They are those who enjoy success with NEVER GIVE UP spirit.

Let me asked you all a question. If you are born with no hands & legs, what will you do? Do you think that without hands & legs you still can do surfing on the sea? Swimming on the pool? And golfing at the field? I am very sure that your answer is NO, isn't it? But, today I am going to show you a miracle with the video below. This is a real story of someone who born with no hands & legs and yet he still can live happily without giving up his life. Ya..he is the one who born with no hands & legs but he can swim, golf, surf and etc. I couldn't believe it until i watch the video below. Friend, I hope you will pay your full attention in watching the video. Its so touching, motivating & inspiring.

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