Friday, October 23, 2009

Great speech from our former prime minister

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Today i just attended our bank's third quarter sales review seminar. We have a very special VVIP guest today to give us a talk on regarding financial & leadership. This special VVIP guest is our former prime minister, his excellency of Tun Dato Sri Dr Mahathir. Upon his arrival, everyone of us are standing with non stop applause to welcome his arrival. Some even shout "Tun, I love you". His popularity is beyond my expectation. Our CEO of the bank even said this,"I meet many people in my life, but i never meet someone who not respect our Tun"

His excellency Tun Dato Sri Dr Mahathir really earn my full respect. I can said he is my idol. I am so admire his leadership and also his life spirit. Guys, he is at age 84 but still look very younger & healthy. In addition to this, he still can walk very fast and talk very smooth and clear.Everyone of us are pay fully attention for his speech.

On his speech, Tun tell us this,"The secret of success is discipline & timing".He said if we can't discipline our self, we are not able to deliver result at the end of the days.Discipline is very important to help you posses right attitude towards your life & your work. Someone with good discipline & attitude will not easily defeated by problems & obstacles. This is because whenever there is a problem in front you, there must be a solution waiting for it also. If you are discipline enough in anticipating yourself on what you should do, eventually the solution will come to you. Tun also mentioned that TIMING is a very essential element of success as well. Besides catching the right timing of doing things so that you won't lost the golden opportunities in front of you. But you also need to become someone who are very punctual at all time regardless whatever function you need to attend or whatever things you need to do. Someone with timing trustworthy always earn people respect & confidence towards you. Therefore, if you want people to trust & rely on you, you must be someone who always punctual & also appreciate time. This actually show your responsibility towards the things you do as well. Tun give us a tips, always adjust your watch to 15 minutes faster so that you will not late for any appointment later.

I will remember the advice from Tun and apply it in my life. I strongly believe that this is the secret of success. Thanks to Tun and perhaps you continue living in happily & healthy.



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